Dear art-lover,
Toon Stalpers has enjoyed a long and successful career within design and art,
establishing himself as both a collectors' favourite and also a mentor to future generations.

He studied at the Academy of Design and Art in Eindhoven and later taught at Tilburg's renowned art academy in Holland.
Now, having arrived at a new phase in his life, Toon is able to focus on his own self expression, utilising the vibrant colours that have become his trademark, to paint the aspects of life that fascinate him the most.

Besides landscapes, flowers and dancers, capturing both the stillness and motion of the female form is the direction that excites him increasingly. His chosen mediums are acrylic on panel and canvas, or drawings using conte with pastel.
Many artists, both established and aspiring, have inspired Toon's life and his art.
A key influence in his work is an early fascination with Eastern world movements and a love of Japanese prints including Ukiyo-e's pictures of the passing world.

Toon also credits his late father as an influence and inspiration. What his father wanted to do, he does now.

Each Toon Stalpers painting captures a brief moment in life but they are universal in their timelessness.
Toon believes that everything one does in life develops another attitude, a way to view life from a different perspective.
This can bring a new dimension to daily life in a joyful and pleasant way, sparkling with passion.

If you share this belief too, then you will recognise it within his paintings. That is his aim - to share with the viewer his passion, his hope being that through his paintings this enthusiasm can be transferred and grow through others lives also.